Aaron Dunford: Bike Fitter

Aaron Dunford

Fusion Peak bicycle fittings are conducted by Aaron, our Certified Fit Technician. Aaron's job is to listen to your needs and objectives and then use his extensive practical experience as a cyclist, a bike mechanic and a trained fitting professional to make changes that will enhance and optimise your riding experience whether it be on road, mountain, time trial, triathalon, urban, touring or recreational bikes.

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Aaron believes that proper cycling position will maximise the enjoyment of any rider on any bike because the cyclist will feel SAFE and COMFORTABLE. Read more about Aaron's Cycle Fitting Philosophy.

If you have specific questions or needs in regard to bicycle fit, please contact Aaron.

Existing Bike Fit ($340 plus parts :: 3-4 hrs)

This fit is designed to get the bicycle you are riding now to be the most comfortable and efficient it can be. Aaron starts with an extensive interview and then progresses to measurements, a physical assessment and dynamic positioning on your bike. The on-bike positioning begins with the feet and travels up the body to the hands. By applying principles of physiology and biomechanics to tailor a position just for you, Aaron can help you unlock your full cycling potential.

So that he may devote uninterrupted time to your bicycle fitting please book a fitting.

Second/Third/Fourth Bike Fit ($220 plus parts :: 2-3 hrs)

This service has been set up to compliment your initial bike fit with a fitting of your second bike to the same level of detail you expect and deserve from Fusion Peak. A Second Bike Fit includes all the aspects of an Existing Bike Fit with some history. If you have two or three bikes, this is a fantastic way to lift your cycling experience.

Size Cycle Fit ($520 plus parts :: 3+ hrs)

Our most comprehensive fitting is for riders who strive for excellence and want exact dimensions to order a custom-made frame or bike. Aaron uses the latest Serotta Size Cycle which is not limited to one geometry so he can create, assess and refine infinite riding positions to find maximum comfort and power. This service also includes comprehensive CAD consultation to bring the dream to life.

Suspension Setup ($85 plus parts :: 1+ hrs)

Correct suspension setup of your mountain bike is crucial to riding with maximum speed and control. With today's modern forks and shocks so much customisation is at your fingertips it can get confusing. Aaron can dial in your suspension for your weight and your riding style.

Fusion Peak: ride hard, feel good

Why Bicycle Fitting?

Whether you are riding to the shops or across the country, you should be comfortable.

Good bike fit also improves your aerodynamics and pedalling efficiency - making you faster.

If you have neck, back or knee pain, saddle soreness, hand or foot numbness then your bike doesn't fit you properly.

Our Serotta Size Cycle

Serotta Next Generation Size Cycle Machine

The Serotta Size Cycle gives millimetre fit accuracy for custom frames or new bikes.